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Each one of us has talents and gifts that we inherit and (sometimes) develop. These gifts cannot be taken away from us nor been acquired by other; they can be shared: this is the mission of art and art galleries.



At an early age, I discovered that I can draw and paint portraits and sceneries. I later realized that this gift comes from my ability to see the beauty of the mother nature in the smallest details of each thing and of each human life.

This is in fact just a translation of what I perceive from my surroundings.

Throughout art, I now know that I can communicate and pass these talents to other generations. I believe that one of my missions is to leave to others a small legacy throughout the small pieces of life that I captured onto natural leaves. These natural leaves that are usually designated to return to earth as soil are now the media and support of permanent sights and memories to pass to our kids to come.

I use acrylic. The paintings are created in black and white on a natural media (the leaf); the leaves are collected in the jungle and forest of the Mayan areas in Mexico. I created a unique technique to prepare and preserve the leaves.

The different colors, shapes and textures of each of the dry leaves create a special effect in each portrait. It is for me an adventure and a challenge to paint it. I choose that special leave to create harmony, beauty on an old and rustic looking support. Every leave is different and requires special attention; I need to adapt the acrylic technique to each leave: the rough / soft, the spongy / glossy surface of each leave creates a technical challenge for each leave. Depending on the type of leaf, the painting process takes more time as the texture of some leaves absorbs more of the acrylic. This is why each painting is special: it cannot be duplicated because each leaf is unique; each leaf have been uniquely crafted by mother nature.

Two Bear Indian Woman

Calica Lurum Leaf

Wild cat

Mallanica leaf

Indian woman with her child

Banana leaf



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